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Are you looking for a challenging, thrilling and incredibly intense action packed Stag Party Do or Hen Weekend in Marbella.

Stag Canyoning adventure in Benahavis, Costa del Sol, Spain, Stag do

Canyoning or canyoneering in Benahavis Marbella is a Combined Water and Rock Activity. Canyoning in Benahavis is spectrum of activities some of which are mostly rock activities and some of which are mostly water activities. Canyoning, also known as Canyoneering, Abseiling, Kloofing, or Waterfall Rappelling and is an exciting adventure sport.

Canyoning Benahavis is a brilliant way to enjoy a Stag do or Hen weekend event that will push you and you’re Stag Party, Hen Party to the limit. You will all the while be having a fun and enjoyable experience that everyone can participate in. Canyoning Benahavis Marbella is made for stag and hen weekends.

Hen Canyoning in Benahavis, Costa del Sol, Spain, Hen do adventures

If you really want some exhilarating Canyoning adventure and get the adrenaline pumping then Canyoning Benahavis will be for you. It's one of those once in a lifetime memories combined with relaxation and huge bursts of energy whilst Canyoning. We will start your Stag Party, Hen party scrambling up a stream through various rivers, rock surfaces, caves, pools of water, you will need to have your wits about you and also help your mates or make fun of them as you climb, jump, swim.

You and your stag, hen party will need to tackle natural water flumes and you will even have to make jumps from high areas! (Optional), in short you will be having the absolute time of your lives. There is no other Stag do, Hen party weekend activity where you and a group of mates can push yourselves physically like this and have a great time doing so.

Adventure to amazing new heights with canyoning Benahavis! Experience this with your Hen Party, Stag Party and get wet and wild. Benahavis has a spectacular and mountainous landscape and is ideal canyoning. Once you have tried the Benahavis Marbella canyoning tour you’ll be craving for more!

If you’re not wet, you’re not doing it properly!

What do you need to bring?

To do Canyoning you need to bring a towel, bathing suit, sport shoes that you don’t mind getting wet (sportive shoes like running with a good grip or mountain boots, never sandals or diving shoes) and change of clothes.

What we provide?

Includes:  Canyoning Neoprene 5mm suit all the equipment needed (helmet, harness, connectors and eight approved by UIAA), licenses to carry out activities in the mountains, Canyoning guides, and personal insurance (according to the Spanish law)

Canyoning in Benahavis is an unforgettable canyoning  adventure that’ll make your  stag ,hen weekend in Marbella.

No previous Canyoning experience is required, and we will provide all necessary technical gear and equipment.

Come enjoy one of Mother Nature's fun water parks with Benahavis  Canyoning! We pride ourselves on taking you out of your comfort zone and making you comfortable through thrill therapy, great news for any stag and Hen party while here in Marbella on the famous Costa del Sol.